The Sutton-Taylor Feud

The Sutton – Taylor Feud of DeWitt, Gonzales, Karnes, and surrounding counties began shortly after the Civil War ended. The blood feud continued into the 1890s when the final court case was settled with a government pardon.

Published by the University of North Texas Press, this book was designed by Stephen Tiano, inside and out, in the manner of that rare bird: a page turner of a history of the mayhem between two families.

“Steve Tiano’s work has always been professional, timely, acceptable, and suitable for the highest levels of scrutiny.

Tiano has never missed a deadline when working with Lone Wolf, and this includes projects that were both complex and burning with a short fuse. Steve continues to freelance his special services to us, and we anticipate a continued relationship.

Anyone seeking a page compositor with skill, experience, diligence, honesty, and dependability will be happy with the performance of Steve Tiano.”

Roger Woodson

President, Lone Wolf Enterprises



With their voracious feeding habits and spectacular aerial antics, snook may be saltwater fly fishing's most exciting gamefish. These elegant creatures can be elusive, but once they're hooked, they strike hard, run far, and jump high.

In Snook on a Fly, Zeigler introduces the thrills of fly fishing for snook to beginners and provides new insights for experienced snookers looking to build their knowledge and skills. He shares effective techniques for snooking in different seasons and environments, from mangrove estuaries to night fishing to sight fishing along the beaches.

After discussing the necessary gear for snook fishing, Zeigler gives specific instructions on how to tie essential knots for snook and the best flies to use under various conditions. Snook on a Fly is sure to inspire, entertain, and enlighten fly fishers who have ever pursued or dreamed of pursuing these magnificent gamefish.

“Steve Tiano designs clean,readable pages with straightforward layouts and using attractive but functional typefaces that seemed chosen to be easy on reader's eyes. And, also his work is on schedule and reasonably priced. His cover design fit the project well.”

Judy Castagna

Production Manager, NACUBO


Ungentle Goodnights

Design and layout of interior pages for the story of how elderly and disabled sailors and marines spent the latter parts of their lives in a home for then, and how they got to that point.

“In our association with Mr. Stephen Tiano we have seen him design clean, readable pages. We have found the layouts to be crisp, and they showed attractive but functional typefaces.

Stephen helped us choose designs easy on readers’ eyes, assisting us when we decided to shift away from too many lines per page to a “look” that was less heavy. We rely on him for work that comes in on schedule and is reasonably priced.”

Rev. Dr. John Sullivan, O.C.D.

Publisher, ICS Publications




This is a chapter from a complex book on a tough subject. The designer had a very clear picture of the way she wanted this book to look. The task was to bring that vision to the page.

“I've worked with others who seemed to think that discussing problems or asking questions was a sign of weakness, a frustrating situation that I did not experience with Steve.

All in all I think you will be pleased with the quality of Steve's work and the professionalism he demonstrates while performing it.”

Brad Walrod

Principal, High Text Graphics, Inc.


The 100 Most Important New Yorkers

Design and layout of interior pages, and design and execution of the back cover/spine/front cover of the first of a series of 100 capsule biographies of historical figures written by a bright and talented high school student.

Steve Tiano brings decades of experience, creativity, and keen attention to detail to all the ins and outs of designing a book. He is a clear, effective communicator, a very industrious, diligent worker, and he knows the publishing industry big picture from top to bottom extremely well.
Joe Buff

Author, On 21st Century Nuclear Deterrence, Volume I



An illustrated children’s storybook for which I did page design and layout, including creating a template with all the requisite elements. The challenge with an illustrated children’s storybook is to stay out of the way of the pictures and allow them to advance the story.

“Stephen’s work is impeccable; delivery is right on time and within budget. What more could one want?!”

Carol Levie

Grammarians, Inc




A new edition of a book previously published. Either there were no surviving files from the previous edition or the client simply wanted a new template created in InDesign. I imported all text and art and made the pages.

“He was friendly, quick, and very professional! He did a fine job."

Adrienne Bashista

Publisher, DRT Press


What Would a Unicorn Do? Volume 2

Design and layout of interior pages for the second volume of a fantastical, allegorical series of stories about a transgender woman and her time among unicorns.

Steve professionally and patiently answered all my questions about self-publishing, walking me through the process, explaining each step of the way. My book is not traditional in style of design and layout, but Steve was great with constant communication and was very easy-going throughout the process. As a first-timer, I was fortunate to have Steve working with me on my book.

Sue Lovett

author, Proof or Consequences!


Cataclysm: General Hap Arnold and the Defeat of Japan

Design and layout of interior pages, and design and execution of the jacket, for the story of the end of WWII in the Pacific campaign and General Hap Arnold’s role in it.

Stephen Tiano just recently designed the interior of our new book, A Different Race. We found Stephen to be extremely cooperative, easy to work with. He did things exactly when he said he would. Our book has numerous maps and photos which made designing the interior a difficult job.

Stephen pulled it off and provided us with a stunning design.

Christine and Dennis McClure

co-authors, A Different Race: World War II, the Alaska Highway, Racism and a Court Martial