The Best Laid Plans … Here Come Some Old Posts

February 9, 2021

As I said in my first post on this new blog, which is a revival of my old blog on book design and freelancing, I’d be reposting my old blog’s posts here because they’re worthwhile reading for new freelancers, new book designers, and folks in need of a book designer. I also said I planned to put up two more new blog posts first. That fell by the wayside when I began writing a new piece and got distracted by a brief power outage (which lasted only 15 seconds, thanks to our generator)  before I could save what I’d written of this new piece.

So I’m simply going to post a few pieces from the old blog while I re-collect my thoughts and get to a new post or two.

I’ll date the old piece where I have dates for them, so you know right off that they’re old.

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